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iQ Inver Silence heat pump with Full-Inverter technology

The smart heat pump iQ InverSilence combines the functions of inverter technology and heat exchanger and ensures extra quiet operation with even more power. The particularly efficient heat pump from Peraqua® with heating and cooling function extends the bathing season in your own garden and ensures that the pool water is at a pleasant temperature.


ENERGY SAVING  thanks to the full inverter technology, energy consumption is reduced to a minimum

STEPLESS  works with variable speed and adapts the compressor performance to the ambient conditions

TITANIUM HEAT EXCHANGER  high quality, stable, non-reactive material

SUITABLE FOR SALTWATER  can be used in pools with salt electrolysis systems thanks to the titanium heat exchanger

MODBUS-CAPABLE for integration into the iQnnect system and remote control via Loxone® Smart Home App
WIFI READY   for user-friendly control via mobile devices
SIZES  from 10.2 to 40 kW (turbo mode) | recommended pool volume from 20 to 160 m²

EXTENDED WARRANTY  8-year guarantee on heat exchangers and 7-year guarantee on compressors

pool heat pump
pool technology heat pump


The type of heat pump mainly used in swimming pools is the air-water heat pump. This type of heat pump works by the fact that the sucked air heats the contained refrigerant (R32). A compressor (supply of electrical energy) compresses the refrigerant and increases the temperature.

The amount of heat contained in the refrigerant is given off in a liquefier (condenser) to the pool water flowing through it. The liquid refrigerant is then expanded so that the cycle can begin again.

water temperature App Smart Home

Set pool temperature via smart phone

The Modbus-capable heat pump iQ Inver Silence allows integration into smart control electronics. Peraqua® works with the Loxone® Smart Home App for the #SmartPool. This allows you to automatically regulate the pool temperature, get real-time data of the pool water temperature, adjust a release time for the operation of the heat pump, and much more.

Learn more about #SmartPool and smart pool control!

advantages of a larger heat pump 

When integrating a heat pump into a pool system we recommend a larger model. Why?


The reason to choose a larger or stronger model is that the heat pump
can usually be operated at a lower speed.

quiete operation heat pump

Audibly quieter sound level
and calmer swimming environment

eco-friendly heat pump

Higher energy savings
due to less performance required

You can get a good overview of all sizes and models in the Peraqua® web shop

heat pump pool technology water temperature
Everything about smart heat pumps from Peraqua®

Find out more about the (Full) Inverter heat pumps from the Peraqua® range and compare all heat pump models based on technical details. 



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Peraqua® has been committed to the topic of "smart pool solutions and fitting technology for the highest demands" since 1971. The highest premise is to equip every pool with creative, perfect and above all durable pool technology.

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