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iQnnect smarte Poolsteuerung App

SMART - up
YOUR Pool .

Intelligent and automatic pool control with iQnnect

Loxone Poolsteuerung App

One Pool.
One system.
One smart home app

Realtime data on temperature, salinity, pH and chlorine values readable on different Apps on mobile devices are no longer a dream of the future to keep the pool clean.

We want to be one step ahead and optimize the "jungle" of pool apps for maximum usability, security, cleanliness and sustainability. This works with the control of all pool technology components via a single app, which can also be integrated into the smart home App.

iQnnect Description


With the automatic designer in the app, different functions dependent on each other or different modes can be generated. This makes it possible to increase the speed of the filter pump, to adopt the salt production and to activate a color change of the underwater lighting at the same time - with just one click on the "Pool Party" mode .







highest safety,
cleanliness & sustainability

Continuously clean and hygienic pool water is the principle for efficient pool operation. The iQnnect pool fulfills this operation with the highest level of safety, cleanliness and sustainability. The pool owner receives app notifications when the (water) values deviate and when functions are activated immediately. The automatic filter and backwash control guarantees the safest way to secure the pool filter against overpressure and to filter the pool water regularly. The iQnnect pool includes a level control. If the water level is too low, this protects the filter pump from running dry. The use of chemicals can be saved through an automatic and perfectly adjusted water treatment with a salt electrolysis system. It is added when necessary and only in the required amount.

With this solution you can control all components of a pool. This is our approach. [...] So it's possible to control the entire pool system with one single device."
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