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sauberes Wasser

intelligent pool technology & smart pool


Loxone® Smart Home App

The pool technology functions can be operated manually or automatically via the app. With the automatic designer, different functions can be made dependent on each other or different modes can be generated. This makes it possible to increase the speed of the filter pump, regulate the salt production and to activate a color change of the underwater lightingat the same time with just one click on the "Pool Party" mode. The pool owner also receives notifications in the event of deviating values and error messages or when functions are activated.



The close cooperation in the development of the Aquastar® Air with Loxone® enabled the seamless integration of the pool control into the Loxone® app. Air stands for the wireless connection between Aquastar® Air and Loxone® Miniserver, which enables fully automatic filter and backwash control. The Loxone® Miniserver communicates with the Loxone® App on the mobile device via the in-house network (WIFI).

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Link refers to the interface in the Loxone® Miniserver for wiring with Loxone® Extensions. This enables numerous other devices to be integrated. iQnnect needs the interface for the integration of salt electrolysis, heat pump, filter pump and underwater lighting. Various extensions are required to integrate the components into the network. Extensions are the interpreters of the iQnnect components. They send and receive programming codes and signals and allow flexibility in the functions of the automatic pool control. This allows, for example, the integration of pool covers, video surveillance, countercurrent systems, outdoor lighting, and much more.

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All Air and Link connections for the automatic control of the pool come together here and are transmitted via the in-house network.

The infinite possibilities to expand the system are also realized by the integration into the smart home.

Loxone Miniserver Smart Pool
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