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For some, the water cannot be too warm, others love to jump into the cold water.

No problem for the full inverter heat pump Plus from Peraqua®!

Depending on the needs of the pool owner, the heat pump transforms the pool into Caribbean-warm or North Sea-fresh bathing pleasure and extends the bathing season.

The heat pump for both, true connoisseurs and regardless savers.


What is inverter technology?


Conventional on / off heat pumps work at a fixed speed. The compressor is constantly switched on and off. An inverter heat pump, on the other hand, automatically increases or decreases the temperature of the water by changing the variable speed.


This saves energy and money on the one hand and reduces temperature fluctuations on the other. It only produces as much power as is necessary.
In addition, the inverter technology extends the life of the heat pump because it is not constantly switched on and off. Smart.


Lautstärke Skala

10 times.

The inverter heat pump works with variable speed and adjusts the output according to the ambient conditions.

As a result, the full inverter heat pump guarantees up to 10 times quieter operation and more relaxed bathing.

= sustainable

When integrating a heat pump into a pool system we recommend a larger model. Why?


The reason to choose a larger or stronger model is that the heat pump
can usually be operated at a lower speed.

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Audibly quieter sound level
and calmer swimming environment

Icon Eco-friendly

Higher energy savings
due to less performance required

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